A Visitor Comes to Preschool!

5C6A42F0-5056-A053-5EDBAB87DF04D2FA_474914961-227139_011916162613_ND  This week, the four-year-old classes had a visit from Henry County Conservationist, Trenton Hoekstra. He taught us a lot about Arctic and Antarctic animals and even brought a real walrus tusk and the fur from polar bears, arctic foxes, and arctic hares for our students to see and feel! Another highlight of his visit was the moment that Trenton put a “penguin egg” between our feet and we got to pretend to be Daddy penguins. We had to be very careful when we moved around the room so that our eggs would not roll out of their protected spaces! 5BEA91E1-5056-A020-4421189155A960E0_474914951-277397_011916140617_LJ

We are also studying more about the animals we can see right outside our windows to try to observe their behaviors in the winter months. In order to provide a little extra help to our feathered friends, we are going to be making bird feeders at the end of this week using Cheerios, pipe cleaners, and our fine motor muscles!

Winter may be a cold season, but it is providing a lot of fun learning opportunities at preschool!

5C6A42F0-5056-A053-5EDBAB87DF04D2FA_474926558-538537_011916192748_UB-Robyn Willham





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