Principal’s Note

This week, the superintendent candidates will visit all the old two schools including Van Allen,. Are great for student council members have been preparing a tour to offer each candidate. Our tour guides the following students: Moroni Sanchez, Keshawnna Phipps, Courtney Raub, Katherine Watson, Gabriela Perez, Megan Borders, Taylor White, Sophia Scharlau, and Natalie McCormick.


Van Allen Students ready for theSuperintendent  candidate tour!      

Mark your calendar, as Thursday, February 25 is Van Allen’s Metric Olympics, as students will be able to complete in a variety of activities involving metric measurement, as well as working at their grade level to learn more about their grade level’s math program.

  • Shot put: (Throwing a cotton ball)
  • Javelin: Throwing a
  • Long Jump: (Frog leaping)
  • Discuss; (Throwing a paper plate)
  • Marathon: (Walking backwards)
  • Roman Numeral Bingo

The Shoeman/Water Project is still underway, as slightly used shoes are collected so if you have shoes to donate, please have your child drop these off at the donation box located near the main office.

Also kindly note that Monday, February 8 is the start of the eyewear assessments for students in grades 2 to 5. Will send home a short reminder the week before the assessments start.

And the County garage dirt lot, adjacent to the school, is no longer available for waiting cars, as this area  has been designated to park equipment and vehicles.


Donald P. LeBlanc




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