Teaming Up for Learning


 When you walk into the kindergarten classroom, you will often find students working together. Not only are students helping one another with learning, but also working on taking turns, sharing, and respecting each other.

In this particular math lesson, students are working on decomposing the numbers 8 and 9. In other words, they are finding the different ways to make 8 and 9. Students were asked to shake the two sided counters, spill them onto
their table, sort them into the two color groups, and record how many in each group. We are using the language “parts” and “whole” when decomposing numbers. For example, 8 (whole) can be decomposed (parts) in the following ways: 8=0+8, 8=1+7, 8=2+6, 8=3+5, 8=4+4.

Another way we team up for learning is with a high school intern student. Our class is2363 very fortunate to have Samantha Lanphier, a high school senior, work in our classroom. She 2361helps with whole group activities as well as works individually with students to perfect specific skills. With the helping hands of Samantha, we are able to achieve great things!

Mrs. Arnold

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