Writing in Kindergarten

Can you read this?

  • You are a grait teacher.                              writing 3
  • Skool is fun.
  • I like plaieeng with mi frenz.

If you can, welcome to kindergarten! Now that we have learned all of our letters and sounds, we are working on putting them to use in writing. Throughout the day, students have opportunities to do writing. Sometimes the writing is controlled such as making cvc writing 1(consonant-vowel-consonant) words (hat, pan, wet, red) and other times students have free writing. During free writing, students may or may not be given a topic, but then have the freedom to create their own sentences. At the start of kindergarten writing may just be scribbles or a string of letters. After much learning and hard work from students, we begin to see sentences with the use of sight words and inventive spelling.

Our goal in kindergarten is to use the sounds we have learned. Does that mean everything will be spelled correctly? No, but that is okay. As long as students are putting forth their best effort and using their sounds, we feel they are achieving great things! Parents, please encourage your child(ren) to write. It can be a birthday wish list, grocery list, letter to a grandparent, silly story…and the list goes on. You may be surprised at what they can do!


writing 2

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