100 Days in Second Grade



When I am hundred years old…

Along with all the festivities for 100 days of school at Van Allen, the Second Graders in Mrs. Ingwersen’s class, did a couple of writing activities.  It is always fun to incorporate writing into something fun that is happening at school.  A way to write and not feel it is a burden, as it sometimes feels to many students.  

The first writing was for a class book.  They were to think of something they have been told to do 100 times.  They wrote and drew pictures of them doing the tasks.  The pictures help describe what fun it was to write and read each others.  I’ve been told 100 times… to do my homework, clean my room, pick-up my Barbies, wash the dog, help do the dishes, and be quiet to name a few.

writing samples

Student Writing Samples

The second assignment was to think about what we will be like when we are 100 years old.  They were ask different questions to think about and then write.  The photos, once again help to show the fun they had when describing that they would walk a lot, spend time with family, get around with a cane, travel, sew, cook, read some books, work with wood, etc…  The pictures they created were fun to see as some have wrinkles and glasses  to show time changes us all.

Mrs. Ingwersen

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