Van Allen is Going to the Birds

Dear Van Allen Parents:

IMG_0174A few weeks back, a trio of Grade III students approached me and inquired if Van Allen could help and support the local bird population. These three students were replenishing bird feeder in front of Van Allen, but they wanted to do more.

The three students spoke to classroom teachers starting from preschool to Grade Three to inquire if   these teachers would want to participate in a bird feeder project, and all classrooms responded positively

Over the span of several weeks, at recess time, these students visited the elementary office, and we developed a plan to create a bird feeder project, which included the following actions:

  • Write a grant to receive funding to support a bird feeder project
  • Hold a bird house/bird feeder/bird seed drive to help defray the project expenses
  • Set-up a regular, possibly monthly, pop can collection project to held defray the on-going bird seed expenses
  • Work with classrooms, once the resources are obtained, to set up grade level plans to keep the feeder’s replenished.

In collaboration, our students wrote a grant, and this weekend, we received wonderful news as the Friends of Conservation offered their generous support for our birdfeeder project, so we are off and running, or should we say “ we are off and flying”?

To help kick-off this project, for the next few weeks, we will conduct a bird house/bird feeder /seed drive to help kick-off the project. Though we have received a kind donation, our idea is to make the project self-sufficient, and to keep our costs down, and ensure we have ample supply of seeds, we are holding a bird feeder/house/sees drive, similar to our highly successful shoe drive.

If you have unused bird feeders, bird houses or are willing to purchase bird seed, please drop this off in our bird collection box. Once the collection is over, we will use the donated supplies and utilize the funds donated and make additional purchases so our pre-school to Grade 3 students have the necessary materials and supplies to implement our bird feeder project.

Don LeBlanc


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