Miss Nudd’s News

Our classroom has a new member, Miss Humiston, our student teacher. She is a University of Iowa student, who is now half way through her first student teaching experience. Starting Monday, February 22nd, she will be teaching the entire day…with the exception of one reading group and part of a MTSS group.

Our students have been getting a lot of experience with the new Mac Books. Their last reading project was to read a biography and then create a presentation on Google. Students presented to the class as well as share their presentation to myself, Mrs. Jarrett, Mrs. Schinstock, and Mrs. Clark. I am proud to say they did a fine job for this first effort. We all look forward to our next project. Please ask your child to show you their presentation which can be found on their school email and Google Drive.

A few reminders for all our parents and students is to keep reading at home as well as working on IXL Math and Language skills. On Thursday, February 25th, Van Allen Elementary will be hosting a Math Olympics night. Please make sure that your reservation is in and we will see you then.

Stephanie Nudd

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