Van Allen’s March Madness (It’s all good)

Good Morning Van Allen Parents and Guardians:

Our three-way conferences are scheduled for March 31 and April 1 but before conference time arrives, one thing is absolutely clear, March is action packed month with an array of exciting activities for our students.


Students enjoying the great day using the PTA purchased swings

On Wednesday, March 2nd from 1:00-2:00, we will have an all-school Dr. Seuss celebration.  Parents will receive a green note today about the event. At Wednesday morning’s assembly, The Foot Book will be read to students…hence the reason for Crazy Sock day. And

From 1:00-2:00, our reading buddy classrooms will meet for a special activity.

Wednesday, March 16, the Southeastern Symphony Concert will present a concert for Grade 4-5   students at the Iowa Wesleyan Chapel. The concert time is to be determined.

Saturday, March 19 is the Van Allen & Harlan Combined Carnival starts at 4:30 and lasting until 7:30 pm , and the carnival will be held at the High School.The our Van Allen Student Council is hosting a special week of activities during the week of March 21, which include the following:

  • Monday, March 21st – Character Day (May be a Disney Character, Favorite Super Hero, Story Book Character)
  • Tuesday, March 22nd – Nerd Day
  • Wednesday, March 23rd – Wacky Wednesday
  • Thursday, March 24th – Pajama Day

Then on March 24, the Old Theater Creamery troupe makes its annual pilgrimage to Mount Pleasant to present a play for all elementary school students.

And on March 30, Dan Wardell from Iowa Public Television (IPT) will be visiting with Van Allen students to do a short presentation about the value of selecting quality television programs to watch.

Last, the Van Allen Spring Scholastic Book Fair starts on Tuesday, March 29 ending on Friday April 4th.

As you can see the month of March will be an exciting and enriching time our Van Allen students!


Don LeBlanc

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