MAT MAN comes to Preschool

IMG_1629This week, our four-year-old students are working with a cute little character named, “Mat Man”. He visits our preschool classrooms thanks to the use of our “Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum”. Through various activities in the classroom, Mat Man teaches our students important readiness skills like: body awareness, building, counting, drawing & pre-writing skills, as well as skills in sharing and socializing. The best part about Mat Man is that we are able to build him with wooden pieces and “mats” that we use to build each letter of the alphabet throughout the school year—taking these very familiar objects and turning them into something new!IMG_1633

Our first activity of the week involved each student drawing a self-portrait before meeting Mat Man—it was neat to see where everyone began with the concept of body awareness. Next, we built Mat Man by singing a special song and talking about the parts of his body and discussing the important job each part does to help the body function. Throughout this activity, we were also counting and taking turns putting Mat Man together. Lastly, we drew a self-portrait after meeting Mat Man. It was extraordinary to see the changes and details our students added on these second self-portrait drawings!
This is not the last we will see of Mat Man in preschool! In fact, he will return next week to help us review the various shapes we have learned throughout the school year!

Robyn William


-Robyn Willham

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