Highlighting Young Artists

Throughout this month of April, the Mt. Pleasant Public Library is displaying the cloudwatching 004artwork of young children in our community as a way to celebrate each child.  

Our Four-Year-Old classes at Little Panthers Preschool each created a cloud painting to proudly display for this art show event.  

Before creating the cloud painting, we read the book, Little Cloud, by Eric Carle.  Following the reading of this story, our classes went outside to observe the clouds in the sky.  Using their imaginations, the children drew representations of the cloud shapes they observed.

The next day, our preschoolers completed their cloud paintings—this time using white paint and paper to create their own cloud shapes. This process entailed each child placing white paint on one side of a blue sheet of paper, folding it in half, and squishing it around with their hands. When they opened up the paper, they found a unique cloud shape(s)! The preschoolers then dictated to us what they thought their cloud painting looked like.

If you get a chance to stop by the library this month, please take a look!

Sara Kremer



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