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Van Allen is Hosting our 3rd Blood Drive on Monday-April 25, and We Need Your Help!

The question raised is why are we hosting a blood driver at a school, and the response is rather simple. We want our students to understanding the value and the importance of giving blood support individuals and our community. For example,  one pint of blood can potentially save three lives, or that 17% of all donations support cancer patients. We want our students to learn that participating in a blood drive saves lives and helps people.

And we want our students to understand that a vibrant community grows when its members accept responsibility to support the community by providing a service, such as volunteering. Giving back to the community, like making a donating blood, is a way to support not only Van Allen, but also the community we live in.

Kindly consider helping Van Allen reach our goal of securing 20 units of blood, as more sponsors are needed. Call 385-7771 to reserve a time to support make our school and community.

Thank you for your support,

Don LeBlanc

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