Students’ Voices Heard in Washington, D.C.

Myself and Mrs. Ivy Garmon had the privilege and opportunity to  present at the AERA national conference in Washington D.C. on our district’s work in inclusion this school year.

The 4th graders in Mrs. Manning’s class expressed their desire to share their voice in inclusion as they felt as though it wasn’t just the district, school, or teacher’s story to share;  it  was also theirs. The 4thgraders worked hard to come up with ways to share their story, what they have learned through inclusion, and what inclusion means to them.

The presentation went over well and everyone was very impressed with our students understanding of what it means to be truly inclusive. I cannot express how proud I am of these students and their work along side all of the teachers to help create a community of inclusion for all of the students in our class and our building!

Amanda Schinstock

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