Grade 1 Reduces – Reuses – Recycles

First IMG_1252.jpgGrade students have been learning about the 3 R’s and what they mean. We have been reading books and writing about how we can help keep our Earth clean. Mrs. Nicely and Mr. Trenton came in to do a lesson on recycling and taught the students all of the different items that can be recycled. Some of those items include: plastic, glass, tin, newspaper, cardboard, magazines, and e-waste. First Grade also learned that some of the shirts we wear are actually from recycled plastic! Students learned the importance of recycling so as to not fill up our landfills any faster, because they will have less space for playing. After learning about recycling, they sang a song about recycling.

All of this will tie into our upcoming fieldtrip to the Recycling Center in Burlington.


(To the tune of  “Eensy Weensy Spider”)

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Are words that we all know

We have to save our planet

So we can live and grow

We might be only children

We have to try, you’ll see

We will save our planet

It starts with you and me!



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