Annual 5th Grade Middle School Visit

Miss Nudd’s class visited the Middle School on Wednesday, May 4th. This is always an exciting day of learning out their next big adventure….life at the Middle School.

They started their visit in the cafeteria with Mrs. Pullis explaining some general information. She explained about lockers, what floors will hold the majority of their classes, as well as expectations of all students.

After a question/answer session in the cafeteria the students were then given a tour of the Middle School. Some of the students saw some familiar people; such as, siblings, friends, and former Van Allen students. Following the tour they were then paired up with a 6th grade host to join them in their 4th hour class as well as go to their host’s Advisory hour. Once Advisory was completed they experienced lunch with their host in the cafeteria, and wrapped up their time with Mr. Gossen, the Middle School Assistant Principal. He explained what Middle School P.R.I.D.E. looks like and the expectations of all students.

Once back at Van Allen students were given a chance to reflect about their visit and share some things they learned. Although some of our 5th graders think they are truly ready for their next adventure, some did share how they feel a little nervous. I know our Van Allen students will find their next big adventure challenging, but also rewarding.

Miss Nudd

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