Principal’s Note

Dear Van Allen Parents, Guardians and Friends:

As the year draws to a close, I would like to express my gratitude, on behalf our faculty and staff, to our parents and community for the tremendous support offered to Van Allen whether through your participation in events such as Homecoming Week, book and magazine sales, donating blood at our school drive, attending three-way conferences, attending the school carnival, or assisting your child with his/her homework. Because of your support, we enjoyed another highly successful year, and this could not have occurred with your support.


Report cards will be mailed home to parents, similar to past years, so do not be surprised if you make a request to see your child’s report card, and they say that they did not receive their report card. This is one time it is true that the “card is in the mail”!


A few events for this week:

Monday:       11:00: Student signing of yearbooks

2:00 KG-Grade Track and Field Day

Tuesday:         2:30 Kindergarten Graduation

Wednesday:   2:00 All-School Awards Assembly

Thursday:       8:30-10:00 All School activity Morning

11:00 All-School Sing Along

11:30: Student Dismissal

Friday morning, our Van Allen students enjoyed a special treat, as some of the former Van Allen students graduating from the Mount Pleasant high school walked the VA halls one last time. Our students were able to celebrate these students’ achievements. The Graduate Walk hopefully highlighted the value and importance in making a commitment to obtaining a high school degree.


Two former Van Allen students, Cameron Arnouluck Keomanivong (Val),Aline Velayphet Thiengmany (Sal) highlighted as the Valedictorian and and Salutatorian from this year’s graduating class:

Thank you for all that you do for our students,


Don LeBlanc

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