Kick-off to Kindergarten!


Pic 1What a fun start to the school year it has been!  Kindergarten students have been very involved as they have worked hard to learn rules and routines, academic skills, and make new friends.  Our learning has focused on colors and shapes as well as learning how to read and write our first sight word!  We have also done many “All About Me” activities in an effort to get to know one another.

Today our class took part in cleaning up the school grounds.  Students amazed me with their efforts in getting all pieces of trash picked up.  They had fun while doing it and one student even commented that it made them happy to now have a clean place to play at recess!  We are learning how to show PRIDE in all areasPic 2 in and outside of school.

Thank you for all you do to get your child(ren) here each day.  It has been an exciting first few days and I am looking forward to what the year has to offer!

Mrs. Arnold

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