Things are Changing in Second Grade

In second grade we are studying Monarch butterflies.  We are learning the stages of metamorphosis and even witnessing it in real life.

We had the opportunity to learn facts from one of our Henry County naturalist, Trent. He read a book to us and shared pictures. He shared with us they like to eat only milkweed plants.  So we know where to look for the caterpillars.   



The pictures show how we used pasta to show the 4 different stages of complete metamorphosis.  We sang a song to help us learn the correct order for their transformation.

Last, we have two caterpillars, in second grade, that are changing right before our eyes!   Before we went to lunch the caterpillar was hanging in a J formation and after lunch it was in a chrysalis!  We are waiting patiently for a butterfly to emerge.  They grow and change just like us.    

Mrs. Ingwersen


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