Reading Rally 2016


Today VanAllen students were introduced to this year’s magazine sale project, Reading Rally

And the question arises, “Is this another fundraising project?” The answer is not as simple as a one word, yes, because this project has two significant purposes. First, parents are kindly asked to consider purchasing a student magazine to support their child’s reading by making accessible new reading material s at home. This magazine sale project’s primary focus is to encourage your child to develop a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure.

And yes, Van Allen will raise funds through from sale of magazines, but these funds are solely directed to our library to support the acquisition of additional resources to create a richer reading environment. Over the past few years, we have raised over $4000, as the library expanded our collection for our youngest readers and added non-fiction titles

Also with the purchase of magazines, students can earn scholarship funds to help defray their college expenses-please see the handout for more details. screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-8-00-36-pm

Please spend a few moments to review the Reading Rally information packet, which should be found in your child’s Take-Home folder.

Kindly note that the magazine sales are solely directed at the students’ family and this is not a door-to-door sales campaign.

Thank you,

Don LeBlanc


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