Counselor’s Corner

Students Meet Glassman

This week the “Younger Students” had guidance class as they met Glassman.  Glassman makes individuals have huge upset temper tantrums or fits over small problems.  Superflex helped students identify if the problem was a small, medium, or a large problem.  Superflex helped students with their “Self-Talk” when they get angry.  For example, students practiced; “I am starting to get mad.  I need to move away and take a break or tighten all of the muscles in my body and then relax them.”  Students also practiced taking slow deep breaths as they leascreen-shot-2016-10-06-at-10-57-38-amrned that if they control their breathing they will be much more successful in controlling their anger.  Students also shared strategies they use to help control their anger, such as playing sports, dancing, going to their room, drawing, and writing to name a few.  Please model appropriate strategies to handle anger for your child, as you are your child’s primary teacher.  Also help your child to process their anger at home by remaining calm and providing an area for them to calm down.  Once your child is calm then brainstorm solutions to the problem together.

Sara LeBlanc

Elementary Guidance Counselor

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