A Few Notes from The Principal


Dear Van Allen Parents:

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-4-24-44-pmOne of the highlights about the start of the school year has been the student use of the Free Library, courtesy of a Kiwanis donation, located in front of Van Allen. The concept is very simple as students can borrow a book, and then return thebook. The Free Library
has been in high demand, as the number of books being checked out has soared. Unfortunately the concept of retuning the book is still being developed, but we are still working on the return concept. So we are going to ask for your help. If you have any books that your children have finished reading which would you would be willing to donate for use in the Free Library, please drop these books off at the Elementary Office, and over time we will place these books in the VA Free Library.

Did you know that National Dictionary day is October 16, which is also the birthday of Noah Webster, the first person to write an American dictionary? Today, the Rotary Club
will be providing every Grade IV student a copy of a Student   Dictionary & Animal Gazetteer.

This is our final week of magazine sales, and I would like to thank our parent for the support in this project to help us place magazines in your students’ hands and raise funds to add books for the Van Allen library. THANK YOU!


Don LeBlanc

Our Two Newest Superstars





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