Message from the Principal’s Office

Dear Van Allen Parents:

Tuesday November 8th, is our second night for parent-teacher conferences as Round II starts at 4:00 ending at  8:00. So far, our attendance rate looks very strong, so thank you to all of our parents for attending. We are very privileged at Van Allen, as our parent attendance at conferences is usually very high, which is great indicator about the health of school community.

Tuesday is also  Election Day and Van Allen will host its Presidential elections as all


Two Grade III students inspecting theVan Allen Presidential  ballot. Mrs. Stalder’s Class will tally the  school’s election results 

students from JK to Grade 5 will have the opportunity to select the candidate they believe should be our next President. Yes, we understand that young students may follow their parents’ lead, but for us the value in holding a school election is the experience it provides students -a hands-on voting -learning experience and starts to nurture the concept about the value and importance of voting and participating in the democratic process.

And next Thursday, November 17 is the Van Allen Blood Drive, as we are at 67% for the total number of donors needed to reach our school goal. Please consider participating in our blood drive, and as they saying goes, “Every drop Counts”!


Don LeBlanc



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