Message from the Principal

img_0929I believe that I’m very privileged to be part of the Van Allen community, and there is no other school community that I would rather be part of simply because Van Allen is unique. And every day I come to school, understanding it’s a privilege to work with our Van Allen students, because having the opportunity to interact and watch children grow is very, very special opportunity, as what we see today, is grown tomorrow.

Looking at our Van Allen student community, I see a tapestry of students with many distinguishing characteristics whether male-female, heritage or skin tone, we are blessed to have such a wonderful combination of young children, but it is not simply the combinations that makes Van Allen special, but the wonderful spirit of cooperation and

collaboration, which our children exhibit regularly, and engage in every day. Our students are inclusive, accepting, and marvelously attuned to helping and supporting each another.

What I would like to do today is to share an array of rich photos and the message about the richness and resiliency highlighted by our students. Every day I observe our students harmoniously learning together. Van Allen students are very privileged, and so are we to be part of this community.



Don LeBlanc




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