Trading Place

Number sense is a big part of Second grade.  Number sense develops slowly over time as students explore numbers, visualize numbers in a variety of contexts, and relate to numbers in different ways.

img_0805-2The past month, in second grade, we have been focusing on the place and value of each digit in two and three digit numbers.  It is a difficult skill to understand at first, but with time and practice each student begins to understand the difference between place and value.

One of the games we use to help further understand this skill is “Trading Places”.  The students throw the dice to get ones cubes or tens sticks.  They trade when they have enough to move to the next “place.”  The winner is the player with the most cubes at the end of the game.  This game is a favorite and helps the students understand the relation between “place” and “value” in a fun way.  

Mrs. Ingwersen

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