Where is B.O.B.?

B.O.B., otherwise known as Battle of the Books has arrived to Van Allen. I am so excited about this program for our fifth grade students.

Battle of the Books is designed to excite young readers into reading a variety of genres. Students read a pre-selected list of books for elementary students. A student who has expressed an interest will be part of an initial book club reading 5 books from now until when we return from the holiday break in January.


In January there will then be a trivia game quizzing students over their knowledge of these 5 books. The students with the 6 highest scores will represent our Van Allen family at the Southeast Iowa competition in April. The others who are participating will be part of our alternate group members and support team. However, before they can compete in April, they will have to read additional books. There are a total of thirty books, yet the team members will decide which books they would like to read and become experts on.

I am so excited to see this program here. When I lived and taught in Arizona I was a coach for many teams in my school. It was so much fun reading and discussing the books, getting to know the students on a different level, and just generally getting time to see them in a different area. So far we have 10 fifth graders interested in becoming our 6 person team. Those students are; Sophia Scharlau, Maddie Sackett, Palmer Snavely, Natalie McCormick, Courtney Raub, Keshawnna Phipps, Gabriela Perez, Alejandra Figueroa-Garcia, Rodney Monroe, and Faith Parker.

I will definitely keep our Van Allen family up-to-date on our reading progress and results in January. Go Van Allen B.O.B. team!

Your B.O.B. Coach,

Miss Nudd

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