Message From the Principal

Welcome Back!

This is Saturday is our annual PTA sponsored Kids’ Christmas, and we encourage all of our families to send their children “shop in this special event. Students are led by an elf to fill the shopping list, and the presents are also wrapped! For delightful shopping experience, students from preschool to Grade V are invited to shop at the Van Allen Mall with its many Black Saturday deals.

Also, it’s never too early to mark your calendar as parents and family are invited to the Van Allen for our annual all school sing-along on Tuesday, December 20 starting at 2:30. Also during this event, we will share this year’s Van Allen winter reading program.

A special thank you to the Van Allen community for your wonderful support shown in so many ways, I like to highlight your contributions by helping us to achieve our blood drive goal. Thank you to our donors:

Barbara Blint,                         Sharon Delay

Laura Wilson                         Val Oldham

Sandy Breazeale                    Sara LeBlanc

Russell King                           Jenifer Carlsen

Stephanie Nudd                    Shawn Striegel

Linda Brown                          Laura Noble

Masi Hirschy                          Mikayla Kinzenbaw

Seth McShane                         Marlene Hill

Laura Whaley                          Nichole Gonzalez

Shaun Clark                           Melissa Scheetz

Chris Nau    img_0955-copy

And thank you for your support during our annual magazine drive, s this year’s sale earned the library $650, and these monies are directed to enhancing our book collection, so students have new books awaiting them when the make their weekly visits! Due note that the Van Allen library is a school community library any parents welcome to stop by before school or after school until 3:30 to check out books for your children.

And on Friday, December 2nd, our Van Allen Student Council is planning “Dress-up” as your favorite character from a book or movie. Student may come to school dressed in their special attire!

Best wishes for another great week,

Don LeBlanc

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