Counselor’s Corner

Staying Healthy

This week the younger students learned about the importance of using a tissue when dealing with nose issues. Students learned that if they need to pick their nose they need to go to a private place like the bathroom and they are to make a “Booger Ghost” with their tissue, capture the wretched booger with their “Booger Ghost”, throw the tissue and away and wash their hands thoroughly using the eight stages of handwashing to help keep them healthy and ready to learn. Together we focused on screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-12-51-36-pmthe importance of handwashing before meals, after using the bathroom, as well as when one coughs or has to blow his/her nose. Please reinforce these skills at home with your child. Students also read and discussed Julia Cook’s story; I am a Booger…Treat Me with Respect! This is a fun story about the appropriate way to handle nose issues. Also if a student sees another student with nose issues he/she simply hands the student a tissue and says, “Here you go.” Here are some parenting videos that may be of help in this area.

Sara Le Blanc, Elementary School Counselor, MPCSD

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