Introducing Kindergarten and Grade 1 Parents to Van Allen’s PickUp Patrol starting January 4th!

No More Notes or Phone Calls with PickUp Patrol!

Van Allen Parents with students in Kindergarten and Grade one invited to pilot PICK-UP Patrol. PickUp Patrol starting January 4th until the end of the school year. PickUp Patrol offers a more convenient and efficient way for you to make changes to your children’s after­school dismissal plans or to report an absence. PickUp Patrol! is a cloud­based application that eliminates the need for notes and phone calls, and streamlines the entire after­school dismissal process.

How it Works: Parents use PickUp Patrol to make plan changes from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. To make a dismissal change, you simply login to the application, select a date, and choose your child and transportation.

Hit submit and that’s it!

You can make plan changes at your convenience, and submit them days, weeks, or even months in advance. And for added security, you’ll receive a confirmation email each time a change is made.

You will be receiving a “Welcome to Pickup Patrol” email with login instructions that will allow easier, safer dismissals!

And you can find the Icon for PickUp Patrol  to access the site on the District’s web page in the Van Allen  page.Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 10.02.07 AM.png

Dismissal Changes

PickUp Patrol is our online system for parents to communicate dismissal plan changes to the school. Parents receive an email at the beginning of the school year with PickUp Patrol login instructions. Changes can be entered from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, days, weeks, or even months in advance and at any time up until 2:00 on the day of the change.

After 2:00, changes to your child’s end of day dismissal will not be accepted. In the case of an emergency, such changes can be made via phone directly to the Office. As the end of the school day is a busy time, please plan accordingly and limit these exceptions to emergencies ONLY, your kind consideration to this process assures the safety of all students,

And PickUp Patrol can also be used to report a child’s Absence, so you can report your child’s absence by this tool. And we will continue sharing this information with you, as we understand that learning a new tool and making a change takes time!

Have a good weekend,

Mr. LeBlanc

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