Kindergarten students have been learning poems throughout the year relating to our seasons, holidays, and special class themes.  When learning a new poem we talk about many different things.  We discuss the rhythm of the poem and sometimes find that one poetry-3may be able to be sung to the tune of a familiar song.  We also find the rhyming words in the poem and then create a list of additional rhyming words.  Our poems also allow us to practice reading many of our kindergarten sight words.  After learning the poem, we color a picture to go with it and add our own special details.  Following is the latest poem students learned.

Cute Little Snowman

A cute little snowman had a carrot nose.

Along came a rabbit and what do you suppose?

That hungry little rabbit, looking for its lunch,poetry-2

Ate that snowman’s carrot nose – nibble, nibble, crunch!

Earlier in the year kindergarten students presented a few poems to Van Allen students during a morning assembly.  It was a great way for them to showcase some of their learning.

Mrs. Arnold



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