Writing In Second Grade

Writing in Second grade includes many things through our school year and one of them is to learn to write a paragraph and when to switch to a new paragraph when writing.

In December, we focused on “Christmas Around the World.”  We discovered that other countries have different traditions for celebrating.  This gave us a chance to use img_0879paragraphs when writing about the three countries each child chose for their paper.

Recently, we wrote a paragraph describing our New Year’s Resolution.  Each child had to choose a resolution.  First, we had to determine what a resolution is and a read aloud we shared, helped us to figure out just that, “Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution.”  Their own paragraph included an introduction, three ways to accomplish their resolution and ending with why they chose the resolution.  

Our next writing challenge is to research and write about Animals and Winter.  It should be a fun and interesting topic.  

Mrs. Ingwersen

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