Counselor’s Corner

Keep Your Child Safe Online and Off!

This week students in grades third through fifth focused on how to stay on and offline. Please watch the attached video and discuss the importance of monitoring your child online. The second video is a great one to watch and discuss with your child how to stay safe among strangers.

It is unfortunate that we need to have these conversations about keeping our children safe, but it is crucial that we do. Please reinforce Julia Cook’s rules of safety with your child. These rules were taken directly from her book; Smarter than the Scoopers.

Guidance class focused on “Stranger Danger” as students learned the SCOOPER SAFETY RULES when dealing with new or unfamiliar strangers.

RULE #1 Be SMART and confidents and trust your instincts. Always listen to your “UH OH” voice.

RULE #2 Never go with anyone without checking it out on your CALL LIST. A list of friends and family members phone numbers your parents say are okay to go with if they are not there.

RULE #3 ZerO Talking to people that you don’t know very well, especially when you are alone.       screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-2-49-05-pm

RULE #4 Keep people OUT of your personal space.

RULE #5 PAIR UP when you go places so you are not alone.


*Work hard to establish trust and communication with your child from day one!

*Don’t ever leave children unattended in a vehicle, whether it is running or not.

*Make sure you know how to find or contact your children at all times.

*Take an active role in your children’s activities.

*As tired as you may be, take the time to listen intently to your children when they tell you they had a bad dream. There could be a reason. Trust your instincts.

*Talk to your children about inappropriate incidences you hear on the news and get their perspective.

*Question and monitor anyone who takes an unusual interest in your children.

*Teach your children that they can be rude to an adult if they feel threatened in any way. They need to hear it from you directly because this message often contradicts everything they have heard before.

*Teach your children the difference between and “OK” secret and a “NOT OK” secret. Assure your children that you would never want him/her to feel like they had to keep a “NOT OK” secret from you.

*Have your children practice their most annoying scream. They may need to use it someday.

*Check websites for registered offenders in your neighborhood. Talk to your children about why these people should be avoided.

*Keep your family computer in a central location that is easily monitored.

*Avoid letting your children have Internet access in unsupervised areas (i.e. computers in their bedrooms, etc.)

* Practice and reinforce the safety rules at all times. Role-play and rehearse “what-if” scenarios.

Rules provided by Julia Cook. Here is more information about the story, Smarter than the Scoopers written by Julia Cook. Remember when you discuss this information with your child the goal is for them to feel prepared and not scared. A matter of fact attitude with confidence in your child’s ability to solve problems is the best way to address this issue. Here are some websites with positive information to help prepare your child to be safe, yet without scaring him/her.

Thank you,

Sara LeBlanc

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