Did You Know?

Did you Know?

This year, Iowa Assessment will be given in the month of March starting March 6 rather than during the month of February. The Iowa Department of Education requested the change in testing date to the spring testing window for all schools in the great State of Iowa.

Did you Know?

Every Wednesday morning, before school, all Van Allen students have a few minutes to


Monday’s Lunch Looking Delicious

read individually, or with a partner before school starts. This is a small change in routine, as rather having all students start the morning by walking, students are reading. This change emphasizes students the value in developing ourselves as readers. If you remember on Tuesday night, check to see if your child has a book in his backpack.


Did you Know?

Did you know that Van Allen’s Reading Under the Stars is scheduled for Thursday, February 16 from 5:30 to 7:00. This night offers students the opportunity to listen to some wonderful campfire stories, and Mom does not have to cook! More information will be coming via a paper invitation sent home with your child.

Don LeBlanc




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