Music News

In the music classroom, Junior Kindergarteners are learning about echo singing and story songs. They are an enthusiastic group of students! The kindergarteners are continuing to improve on their skills with keeping the beat and matching pitches. We recently did a dance to a song about Penguins. The first grade students have been singing songs about bears. We also did a skit in the classroom based on “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. We had enchanted bowls, chairs, beds, etc. During the skit, we incorporated some of the songs that we had learned. The students did a great job and had fun time performing. Second graders are learning a basic square dance. This takes a lot of practice and concentration. They have been doing a nice job.

Third graders have learned about the composer Mozart. They have learned what an opera is and will be viewing clips from some of Mozart’s operas. Fourth graders started recorders. We have learned three notes so far and are learning our second song. This can be a difficult unit for some students as they have to read the music as well as learn the fingerings for the notes. It is like learning a foreign language. Fifth graders have been learning about the composer George Gershwin. He wrote for Broadway in the 1920’s and then composed music for some Hollywood musicals in the 1930’s.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Chorus is working on six songs for their Chorus Festival in March. It is a lot of music to learn, but they are doing a fantastic job. They are a great group to work with. The students are hard workers and the attendance has been spectacular.

There are four 5th grade students who made it into the Southeast Iowa District Honor Choir. This was an auditioned for in December. I wish I could have taken all interested students, but I am limited to a certain number. Those students who will be singing in the Honor Choir are Natalie McCormick, Madelyn Sackett, Grace Van De Berg, and Alejandra Figueroa. Congratulations to these students.

Katie Townsend

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