List of End-of Year Activities

May 22- S: SOAK up the SUN Day! —Wear sunglasses and beach wear and enjoy an activity (or two!) outside! Take our sun trivia quiz and learn about the sun!

May 23- T: T-SHIRT Day! Wear your favorite t-shirt or a TYED-died one. We will also write a special THANK you letter to those who have taught us and worked with us this year!

May 24 – U: USA Day! Wear red, white, and blue to show your patriotism and listen to the Alphabet Story of Iowa at our morning assembly!

May 25 – V: We will share our summer VACATION plans by creating a large class mural!

May 26 – W: WALK Day! Weather permitting, every class will take an outside walk counting by 2’s to ….

VA Graduate Parade Friday 5/19 11:30
JK-3rd Field Day Monday 5/22 2:00
Book exchange Wednesday 5/24
5th Gr Navoo Field Trip Wednesday 5/24 8:30
Grade 5 Instrument Night Wednesday 5/24 4:00
2nd Gr Putnam Museum Thursday 5/25 8:30
Kdg Children’s Museum Thursday 5/25 8:30
PK Graduation Thursday 5/25 10:00
PK Graduation Thursday 5/25 2:00
Fifth Grade Tag Program Thursday 5/25 6:00
Relay for Life Walk Friday 5/26 8:30
VA Awards Ceremony Tuesday 5/30 9:30
Chorus/Band Trip Tuesday 5/31 9:00
KG Graduation Wednesday 5/31 2:00
Transition Day Wedensday 5/31 8:30

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