Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 4.01.31 PMLast week, our school community lost a very dear friend, Bonnie Healy. This wonderful person, known to many in our Van Allen community as Miss Bonnie provided rides to and from school for many students over many years.  Her willingness’s to help and assist others is a great life lesson for all of us to remember, cherish and to keep Miss Bonnie’s memory alive.

Tuesday afternoon, Van Allen received a special gift from the Healy family in memorium of Bonnie Healy. In the photo, granddaughter Mackenzie Nelson donates funds for the purchase of a memorial bench placed on Van Allen playground, and the remaining gift will be utilized to purchase novels, selected by her granddaughter Mackenzie, for the Van Allen school library.

We would like to offer the Healy family our deepest sympathies for their lost, and our gratitude for their generous gift to benefit our Van Allen students.

Donald P. LeBlanc


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