Outdoor Day 2018

What a wonderful day for 160 4th grade students from around the district to enjoy learning and being active outside. We traveled to Oakland Mills Park where students went to 9 sessions presented by local volunteers.   

Sessions included:
1. Cooking {Meredith and Benny Lee) – How to season food with veggies in a foil pack and cook it over an open fire.
2. Salmon Game (Danika Cox) – The life cycle of salmon through playing a game teaching the stages and dangers salmon face to become adults.
3. Hiking – Walking the trails and learning about our local plants and animals.
4. Critters (Steve and Mary Wilson) – Meeting animals of Iowa and talking about the importance of wetlands.
5. Watershed (Caleb Waters) – Learning the importance of the watershed and how it effects our water supply.
6. Scavenger Hunt (Laurie Klopfenstein) – Doing a scavenger hunt in the Nature Center and understanding different habitats.
7. Pond Study (Cari Nicely) – doing a pond study and identifying critters found in their nets that had been dipped into the pond. 
8. WaterRocks (Master Gardeners) – teaching students how pollution effects our water supply

9. Canoeing (John Pullis and Tony Millard) – teaching water safety and how to navigate a canoe