Van Allen Student Council

During the month of December the Van Allen student council held their first fund raiser of the year.  We did an ALL school food collection and donated over 500 cans to the Fellowship Cup.  We also collected pop bottles and cans and raised over $300 to help purchase needed items for our school.  The item we are currently raising money for is a new popcorn machine.  Mrs. Arnold’s kindergarten class was the BIG winner with the most food/pop cans donated.  Mrs. Ingwersen’s 2nd grade class came in second and Ms. Jarrett’s 5th graders were third.  Every class participated and helped pay it forward.  A huge shout out from the student council to the students, staff, parents, and community for your support.

By Tracy Jarrett



Few Points for THE WEEK:

The weekly note is being sent early, to share this week’s busy schedule events.

First thank you for your generous contributions to support our students attending the movie Wonder and Nut Job II, as we covered close to 75% of our expenses.  Students enjoyed the delightful movies, and importantly, the movie Wonder left its powerful message imprinted on the  Grade 2-5 students.

Wednesday is our Holiday Feast, and we are encouraging students to celebrate this delicious meal by dressing up for this special occasion. And for the first time, our Van Allen Chorus will be featured as part of the Holiday entertainment. We look forward to seeing our students share their vocal magic.

Kindly note that all parents are invited to our All School Sing-Along on Thursday, December 21 at 1:00 pm. After the Sing-Along, students will return to their classroom, and parents will be invited to pick up the students from their classroom rather than trying to locate your child in the packed gym setting.

Happy Holidays,

Donald P. LeBlanc

                                                               Week Events:

Monday: December 18th: Read, Feed, and PJ day/Blanket by Student Council

Free Holiday Book Pick-up for K-2 students

Tuesday: December 19 for Library Visit/Walk thru 45-60 minutes-walk and talk  End of Van Allen Can Drive

Free Holiday Book Pick-up for Grade 3-5 students

Wednesday: December 20 Holiday Feast and Dress-Your Best Day

Thursday:  December 21 1:00 All Sing-along

Early Dismissal Students Depart at 1:30

Dec. 22nd – Jan. 3rd – No School

Thursday Jan. 4th – Classes Resume